Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies are an excellent means to enjoy many of the advantages that come with a balcony at a significantly lower cost. It is a balustrade affixed to the outside of a building, allowing French-doors on higher floors placed against the Juliet balcony. This provides increased light, an increased sense of space, a better vantage on a scenic view and a more luxurious means of aerating a room than a simple window. 

Tailor Made Fabrications has supplied and installed Juilet balconies all across the UK, ensuring a pedigree that you can trust for quality, longevity and a graceful appearance in your Juliet balcony. 

We offer an entirely bespoke quote on a case-by-case basis, ensuing that your Juliet balcony is both a length, width and colour that is not only unobtrusive for you but an attractive addition to the outside of the building. 

• Unobtrusive 
• Can support wide glass panes, ensuring fewer vertical support bars. 
• Attractive appearance 
• Near Maintenance free 
• Will follow all specific building regulations 
• Stress and structural tests completed 
• Affordable 

Should you wish for something decorated in a more specific manner, please contact us to discuss a bespoke quote, we welcome inquiries of all scales and types.